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I work with great professionality with more than 7 Years of Experience

Who Am I

I'm a web developer that has more then five years of experience in web designing and different technologies used to build websites and build web apps


Web programmer with more than 7 years of experience

Who Am I!!

Tip about myself

Full Stack developer

Full stack web developer using Laravel, php, html, css, js, mysql database which makes me able to build almost any web application exist in the world


Database designer

I create and design Databases using most common databases system (ms sql server, mysql)

My skills

I'm a web developer that has more then five years of experience in web designing and different technologies used to build websites and build web apps

Web Development & Designing

I develope web apps using HTML, CSS, JS, PHP languages with high quality and security options

Host management and problem solving

I can perform a good hosting management and I've three years of experience with hosting management through godaddy and fun.io and atakdomain websites, Also I know the most relevant information about how to connect the domain with a host and how to host multiple domaind on one hosting plan and how to make addons domains and how to deal with DNS records of the domain...

Database management, SQL Server, MySql

I develope network apps using php and JSON and AJAX data transfer method to deal with mysql database, and I've been experiencing database constructing for more than 3 years until now.

Linux server administration

I've worked on managing linux server using terminal, specifically the ubuntu distribution and fully customize its security options to make sure that it's secure to begin making websites on it.

UI, UX designer

As you can see from my website 😊

Microsoft Excel, Word, Power-Point, Access

I built many programs using Microsoft access to maintain a good and better management for the office beginning with managing the storage, to managing the orphans data, ending with turning multiple data into print-able coupons with one click and so on...

c# programming

I worked on c# and prepared many reporting programs that take data from an online sql server and displays the required results.

Data analysis and reports designer

I worked as a reports designer using different databases apps such as microsoft access to export reports to the managers that makes it easy for them to maintain a good understanding about the data using data science.

Photoshop Editing

I worked for one and a half year with designing on photoshop which gave the basic understanding of how to apply creativity into my designs...

Video montage

I have more than two years of experience in video editing using sony vegas and I've made many videos that we can see later on my works section.

Also, I've made 2d and 3d videos using cinema 4d and sony vegas.

My works in numbers

A list of numbers of projects that I worked on since 2015 until 2021

Happy Customers
PHP Projects
website designed
Database Created
Years of experience
45 K
lines of codes

Some of my Projects

A list of projects that I've built/programmed

Shared data web system

Orphans web system that manages different organizations data and it has auto matching for duplicated values

Chat web app

Chat web app that supports sending images and animated emojis which works on real-time data transfer for messages and images.

Certificates system

This app has many features such as counting the number of people for each field and displaying it over that part. Also, it includes a usage of API to create qr codes that is connected to each certificate information

Media management system

This program protects your media, Images and videos, and only the one who have the username and the password can see those files

Mobile accounting system

A simple system that have simple accounting database which is implemented offline on the android system.

bufe app

bufe app is an app that lets multiple users to send their request of tea, coffee, with custom extras such as with sugar or no sugar to the bufe android application which recieves it immediately and there are many other functionalities.

Warehouse management system

This system includes multip P.O.S and many features to make sure that there is quantity in the warehouse before attempting to districution of any material. It's also connected to a mobile devices to show real-time reports.

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Web programmer with more than 7 years of experience
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